Monthly Archives: August 2014

Freight Load Boards

Freight load boards are back…actually they aren’t back…They are changing every month, every quarter and every year…if you’re looking in the right places of course. The old standby load board has been replaced by load boards promising free everything. Well nothing is really free now is it? Data of users and annoying advertising take over these sites and instead of a clean way to find more freight loads and shipments for trucking people and users in the industry end up scouring through poorly designed sites with thousands of fluff loads.

The alternative move has been one towards quality over quantity and this what has become the revolution in load boards. Platforms that can support multiple different day to day needs that logistics software has traditionally also supported but in a streamlined and easy to use way. These ‘load boards’ are moving more towards freight marketplaces and open exchanges where shippers, brokers and freight carriers can interact to find the best match and grow their businesses together through optimal pricing and placement.

Check out this recent article here on Cerasis about Freight Marketplaces and Freight Load board trends where they rank freight marketplace load board and freight bidding platforms 1-5 based on their most recent reviews. Newer platforms and load boards are starting to blur the lines between logistics data for decision making, mobile friendly web apps and the traditional load board. This seems to be the forward trend in the future of load boards today.

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