Monthly Archives: September 2016

Mobile load matching is getting easier

More technology seems to be floating up to the surface every day for logistics and trucking. Between ELD or logging requirements and technology to load matching and load finding tools. Some of the biggest successes have not been related to brokerages at all but have been facilitators of business. Others have become successful app powered brokerages like Transfix, Cargo Chief and others. Where is the overlap?

Some of the leading logistics companies are bridging the gaps required by their customers but using third party software solutions or marketplaces to expand their reach. The leading commercial freight marketplace product is from and their user base of both direct shippers, carriers and brokers willing to interact and work together online continues to grow and expand every day.

ComFreight is releasing a new product that will improve the load board and marketplace game even further. For more information on ComFreight’s logistics marketplace you can visit their load matching and load board style application here.

The new application is used via any user’s mobile or web browser and can be used on any device. The application has an improved mobile user interface that makes it easier for users who aren’t in front ¬†of a computer to continue to find loads or trucks without having to install any special application or mobile app to use the core features.