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How Shippers Use Load Boards

Shippers are usually not the common user of load boards. Typically shippers are working with brokers or other transportation providers under contract and are sometimes open to giving new parties interesting in managing their freight a shot at their freight.

With more shippers looking to save money on shipments and freight moves they are moving into more unfamiliar territory and trying methods of covering their freight that they may have not tried in the past. Some of these are not traditional load boards but freight marketplace style apps and platforms.

These web platforms allow shippers to post available lanes or recurring business out for bid by brokers or carriers who can supplement or be a new potential single source provider of capacity to these shippers. Shippers have the added benefit of getting multiple options for capacity for their freight from these type of sites and web apps.

The best shipper load board is one that focuses on procurement for the shipper and getting the shipper the best possible rate for their moves wile also providing trust. These new options are allowing shippers to broaden their horizons and grow their options and lower their landed cost for freight moves on many of their common lanes.